Introduction to QIPP

Explaining psi (more commonly known as telepathy and psychokinesis) and working out how to apply it to relevant issues is one of the greatest challenges in science today. It is also important to produce quality products and productions that present the real state of play about where the science of psi is at.

Quality Investigative Psi Projects (QIPP) undertakes interdisciplinary science-based investigations into psi and related anomalous phenomena to discover how to apply and explain what are currently anomalous events. QIPP operates on the basis that eventually the phenomena will be explained as natural, though as yet it is not clear exactly how that will impact on scientific certainties held today.

QIPP also aims to produce quality productions that cover the latest developments and intriguing history of the study of psi.

There are two divisions:

  • QIP Projects (investigate - research how to apply and explain psi phenomena)
  • QIP Productions (create - produce informative products and information)

Why bother about psi?

Knowing about psi is like knowing about electricity when gas still filled the street lamps. Actually, it is bigger than that. If you want to be in on the next big breakthroughs that are going to impact on health, information, computers and theories about time, causation and consciousness you need to know about what is happening in the latest scientific investigations into psi. Explore this site to find out what is happening in this fascinating field of scientific enquiry.