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Remote viewing - Hobart

In 2015 QIPP has started remote viewing group in Hobart, Tasmania.

Meetings are run in the evening every second Tuesday (contact to confirm the date of the next one).

Meetings are held in the meeting room at the Parliament Coworking space, which can be found at:

Suite 30, Level 3
11 Morrison Street, Hobart

Read the FAQ in the column on the right to find out more about RV. Read the info below for more about the group.


Email to indicate you are interested in attending. If you have any questions, please send them through.

Or join the meet-up group: Hobart Remote Viewing Meet-up.

If you aren't in Hobart, but are still interested in remote viewing, drop me a line anyway. You can still participate in our exercises.


Remote viewing is one of the most successful and yet under utlised protocols to come out of psi research in the last few decades.

The protocols are clear and well set out. They can easily be followed by anyone with the inclination to do so.

QIPP is interested in exploring this fascinating area and help to bring it to bare on real-world problems. The step towards this is to start to use it - for all sorts of reasons: for fun, to see if it really works, to contribute to the scientific understanding of it, but also to help start to figure out how it can be used more effectively in situations where it could be employed, but currently isn't.

One of the first steps towards this is to get together a group of like-minded people who are curious, open to the possibility of it being useful, and who want to enjoy the process of exploring at the cutting edge of science.

Who should join?

Anyone who feels they connect with the aim of the group which is to have fun learning about and exploring the possibilities of remote viewing.

Don't worry if you have no remote viewing experience or ability. Most experiments involve at least one 'interviewer' who doesn't necessarily need to be able to RV. In fact it could be handy if you can't!

What do we do?

We'll meet at least once a month. We will discuss a remote viewing article, book or video and share our ideas on how to apply remote viewing.

We will also undertake remote viewing sessions (not compulsory!).

We are keeping track of our activities, thoughts and process here. (This page is available to group members only).