Research projects

QIPP has an interest in two particular areas of psi research: anomalous acquisition of information and the tangible physical effects of intention.

Each of these areas has been chosen because there is a robust history of research to draw on and room to explore how to apply and explain the phenomena.

This page contains information and links to the projects which are being undertaken to investigate these two aspects of psi:

Information from the future (IFF) protocol

About the project

One of the areas that psi can be applied to is the correct anticipation of an outcome of future events. There is already a fairly robust protocol that enables this to occur at above chance expectations (Associative Remote Viewing). The IFF protocol is an attempt to combine the research into ARV with research into the anticipatory response and to obtain an even more robust protocol that can be used to successfully predict the outcome of future events in a manner that is able to be applied to real-world scenarios.

Project status

Project has recieved notice in July 2016 that a grant has been provided enabling the project to commence in September 2016.

QIPP has now recruited the first participants and the project is underway (commenced June 2017)

Project funding

Thanks to the Cardigan Grant (overseen by the Australian Institute for Parapsychological Research) for funding for this project.

Remote View Central

Project background

Remote viewing is the activity associated with obtaining information about a target without having any normal means of knowing about it. It has been used successfully by the US Army, CIA and for the discovery of archeological artifacts and sites. However, it remains under utilized.

This is likely because It is difficult for remote viewers to submit relevant information and it is also difficult for project leaders to find remote viewers to work with. Remote View Central aims to make it easier for both of these critical groups to find and help each other successfully apply remote viewing to solve real-world problems.

Project aims

  • Build and promote a web application that invites remote viewers to submit their information about real-life targets (there will be an option to submit anonymously).
  • Build a sophisticated database which allows for ranking and culling of submissions.
  • Assess the information.
  • Analyze results in relation to the targets.
  • Compile and publish the results

Project status

Feedback has been sought and incorporated into a refined project.

Currently seeking collaborators and funding.

Project funding

It is anticipated that this project will initially require philanthropic funding. It is not suitable for crowdfunding as it involves an ongoing commitment. The site could be constructed so that in the future it is self-maintaining, however, initially it will involve finances to establish the site and promote the idea.

More info about Remote View Central

Can Philodendrons Feel the Future too?

Project background

The project was inspired by Daryl Bem's 'Feeling the Future' experiments which indicated subjects displayed a reaction prior to the stimulus they were being monitored for. This was explored in combination with the Backster Effect to investigate if plants too respond retrocausally to emotional stimulation.

Project aims

  • Replicate the Backster Effect
  • Test for a retrocausal effect

Project status

The initial exploratory experiments were completed and accepted by the Parapsychological Association in September 2013. However, as the results were encouraging further development of the protocol and other means of measuring the effect are being investigated.

Project funding

This project was funded with a PARE grant.

More info about Can philodendrons feel the future too?