One of the main aims of QIPP is to increase the quality of programs and information that are accessible to a mainstream audience. Many shows and articles are concerned with a predetermined 'skeptic' or 'believer' presentation of the evidence.

Instead, QIPP promotes the idea that we have to take the discussion beyond beliefs and explore and investigate the phenomena from a scientific perspective that is open to the possibility that the unexplained phenomena are real and require further explanation.






Missing artifact project

QIPP is currently undertaking a project which aims to find a long-lost artifact using a combination of information sources: historical, forensic, dowsing and remote viewing. The process of finding the lost item will be documented and written up and presented as a documentary. The aim is to show how remote viewing and dowsing can be used in conjunction with other less controversial sources of obtaining information to successfully solve information puzzles.

You & Psi

QIPP is developing a series of publications and social media content under the banner: You & Psi.

You & Psi content will focus on how the science of psi will impact on the everyday lives of people.

Edge of Reason

The Edge of Reason was a weekly community radio show hosted by Hannah Jenkins and Tim Martain. The last show aired in October 2014 after a 9.5 year run. The show provided news and information about psi and related paranormal areas in a news magazine format. We covered everything from the latest developments in parapsychological research, the representation of psi in the media to movie, TV and book reviews of anything with a paranormal tinge.